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Matt and Amarandi Barrett, Sifnos, GreeceThese stories were the foundation of what became my Greece Travel Guides. I wrote the stories The Sifnos Monster, Sifnos Summer Basketball, and King of the Kamakis in the mid eighties and they became the basis of my Guide to Sifnos, which led to my writing of the Athens Survival Guide, and the rest of the Greece Travel Guides.  Some are excerpted from my book Spearfishing in Skatahori which is available to read for free through that link which I wrote I believe in 1992 or 1993. These excerpts also evolved into the various Greek Island Guides and my Guide to Greek Food. My Athens Survival Guide evolved out of Strollering Through Athens, which I combined with the information I had written for Eddie Fogler when he was an assistant coach of the North Carolina Tarheels basketball team and they were going to Athens to play in a tournament in 1983. If you like these stories please share them with your friends by using the Facebook and Google+ buttons at the bottom of the page.

Strollering Through Athens

Undersea Adventures

Theories on Spearfishing

Intro to Spear Fishing in Skatahori

Mount Athos

Illegal Dancers at the Panagiri

Ferry Tales

The Christmas in Athens
That Wasn't

King of the Kamakis

Sifnos Summer Basketball

Sea Urchin Soup

Tripping in Crete

Adventures in Milos

The Sifnos Monster

Elaine's Patsa

Ouzo Tales

Andros Chicks are Easy

Kea and the Rise of
National Socialism

The World Moves in Mysterious Ways

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Spearfishing in Skatahori

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